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Be well. Work better. Repeat.

That’s the new Just Rolling with It tagline. It’s in the header of the new blog design. You can also find it in my Instagram profile.

What do you think?

Just Rolling with It’s an evolution. It changes as I do. I feel like I’m in the middle of another step in the evolution. It’s not clear to me where this step will lead.

This new tag line feels like part of the evolution. I think it summarizes how Just Rolling with It may benefit others. That’s my goal for the blog, after all!

I’m learning how to be well. This allows me to work better. Repeating the cycle is virtuous, rather than destructive.

How does that sound to you? Is this something you’d like to learn how to do to?

Please let me know by replying directly to this email :)

Catch you next week,


Image of the Week

Good morning, super moon.

Good morning, super moon.

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Podcast of the Week

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