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I’m wrapping-up my third week post-rebirth. The new work I’m doing feels inspiring. I enjoy it too.

For the past three weeks I’ve spent my work time doing work I enjoy. This is a big change for me. It’s the first time my career has ever felt like this.

There were periods when it started to feel this way. Yet those were times when I felt doing work I enjoyed came at the expense of generating income. As a result, doing work I enjoyed came with a renewed sense of guilt.

These past three weeks have felt enjoyable. I’m doing work I enjoy and generating income doing it.

At the same time, I don’t feel guilt-free. I have to remind myself that doing work I enjoy and feeling happy doing it is OK. I’m doing this more and more often. The sense of guilt is diminishing as a result.

This guilt feels familiar. I was raised to believe work had to make us miserable. There must have been something wrong when it didn’t.

Just Rolling with It’s teaching me it’s OK to be happy, in life AND in work. I feel grateful for this.

How about you? Do you deserve to be happy in your work? Or does doing work you enjoy make you feel guilty?

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Image of the Week

Look closely. Those rocks are balanced by hand, no fasteners. Fascinating!

Look closely. Those rocks are balanced by hand, no fasteners. Fascinating!

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