It's Back! Here's the New Just Rolling with It Podcast 📻



Some of you may remember I tried my hand at podcasting a while ago. Most of those episodes are still on Soundcloud.

I received some positive feedback from some of you. Thank you for that 🙏

Over time I got “too busy” 🙄🙂to continue the podcasts. Yet I really wanted to continue them.

Switching to the Substack newsletter platform a couple months ago renewed this interest. Substack makes it easy to record and distribute podcasts via their newsletter platform.

The idea at first is to read the newsletter, producing an audio version of it. My hope is the audio version may make it easier for you to keep up with the issues.

This first episode is me reading last week’s JRWI issue, This Distraction Powers the Dream.

Now you can listen to and/or read it, whatever’s easier for you. I’m also hoping the audio version might also convey more of the feeling I’m trying to connect with when writing the newsletter.

My plan is to continue sending the newsletter Sunday or Monday night. I’d then send the audio version later in the week, for what I hope could be a mid-week pick-me-up.

I’m not doing much editing at first. If the podcast gains interest, I’ll invest in a bit more production activity.

This will be an experiment. Your feedback will help shape it. Please provide feedback to help me improve it, for example -

1 - Does having an audio version sound beneficial?

2 - When should I send it?

3 - Do you like the format of me reading the newsletter? Why or why not?

4 - Would you like to see me go back to the old format, which was more stream-of-consciousness, from time to time too?

Please reply to this email to provide feedback directly to me.

I look forward to seeing how we can evolve this together 🙂🙏

Catch you soon,