Leaving the Hustle Behind Again

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I made a conscious decision to turn my back on “the hustle” a while ago. Since then, I’ve written about the hustle and its destructive qualities.

A couple weeks ago, I left the hustle behind again. This time it took the form of moving my co-working membership from WeWork to The Yard.

I’ve been a reluctant WeWork member for a few years. On one hand, I recognized a while ago the need to stop working at home. WeWork provided a place to do that. Yet, I always felt at odds with their “hustle harder” culture.

This culture touched everything, including and not surprisingly, many WeWork employees. The energy of the workspace was heavy with it. The scripted drive for perfection that underpinned everything felt suffocating to me.

The WeWork employees seemed to under enormous pressure to comply with this drive for everything to be great. All the time.

The corporate culture seemed to discourage independent thinking. Scripts, templates, and processes replaced free thought. I tried two different locations over the years and had the same experience.

The real estate scandal talk didn’t sit well with me, either. I started wondering if the desire to squeeze every penny of revenue out of the space and its members was related to the scandal.

Over the past few months, the number of marketing events increased too. Every day it seemed, a company was in the lobby trying to sell you a hyper-specific premium product, e.g. an organic dog treat made from cricket flour.

Really 🙄

So I moved on to The Yard after meeting its co-founder at a neighborhood yoga class. The vibe feels much healthier there after these first two weeks. It feels lighter and more spacious.

I’ve noticed the people working with The Yard seem more at ease. They actually sit down and enjoy a coffee or lunch together rather than hunching over a spreadsheet.

I feel grateful to have made the switch. Not paying to be bombarded by the relentless pursuit of hustle perfection feels refreshing.

I do feel grateful for the few connections I made at WeWork. If you’re one of them, please drop me a line so we can keep in touch.

Catch you next week,


Semi-Random Thoughts

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My stress level has felt elevated over the past couple weeks. I’ve come back to reading The Abundance of Less, in the hope it helps ground me.

It did when I started reading it a while ago. Let’s see if it does again.

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I’ve also changed Music of the Week to Current Playlist. I hope you enjoy the expanded selections I’ll be posting.

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Image by justrollingwithit

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