Maintaining Healthy Balances and Recognizing When They're Not

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I didn’t write a newsletter last week. It feels good to be back at it this week.

Last week was a holiday weekend for two major religions. Is that why I didn’t write it?

Nope, not really.

I ended up working half days on both Saturday and Sunday. As a result, I didn’t make time to write this newsletter.

I try not to work on weekends. It’s a boundary I’ve set. I’ve learned over time that doing this gives me critical time to rest and recharge. This time is essential for my emotional, psychological and physical health.

I was aware of crossing this boundary. I also enjoy my work. Yet still…

My stress levels increased. I felt more stressed around my family when I did disconnect. One reason was because I didn’t have any transition time. I went right from being “on” for work to being “on” for the family.

I also felt more fatigued and depleted, physically and mentally, earlier in the week than usual. Being aware of this felt hopeful. It reminded me that working both weekend days actually forms a bridge to working 12 days straight, rather than 5.

When I’m feel fatigued and depleted, everything starts feeling hard. This is something else I was reminded of. Even what usually feel like simple tasks start feeling difficult.

I feel grateful to now have the insight into what not feeling depleted and fatigued feels like. Just Rolling with It has provided this to me. As a result, I realized why I felt the way I felt and that it didn’t have to be this way. Life could actually feel lighter and easier than it was feeling.

I had allowed myself to slip into an unhealthy balance between work exertion and rest. Discovering and maintaining this balance is a core concept of Just Rolling with It.

It’s with this realization I set the intention to not work this weekend. I feel hopeful to have learned what the effects of feeling unbalanced feel like, developing the awareness to become cognizant of when it happens, while developing the tools necessary to restore a healthy balance.

(And in case you were wondering, I don’t count writing newsletter as work. It feels therapeutic to me 😊. My gratitude to each of you for providing this platform to me.)

What indicators tell you that your balance has become unhealthy?

Let me know by replying directly to this email.

Catch you next week,


Semi-Random Thoughts

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Image by justrollingwithit

Image by justrollingwithit

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