When will The Dream chasing start again?

And is going back to Dream chasing the only option?


I hope you are each safe, well and healthy, are taking good care of yourselves, while making socially responsible decisions…

When will the economy reopen?

That’s the question dominating mass media headlines right now. There’s a grim choice between choosing an economic restart and its impact on the COVID-19 death rate. The general sense is that more deaths will occur the earlier the economy reopens.

Let’s choose to look past this decision for the moment, as it feels that the economy will inevitably reopen. This is more a question of “when” rather than “if”.

So what else does reopening the economy mean?

For many, reopening the economy means getting back to Dream chasing, ASAP.

I get it on one level. People are scared. I’m scared.

People are waiting, just waiting, for things to “get back to normal.”

But what does this really mean?

For many, it means jumping back on the Dream-chasing carousel.

But is this the only option?

For some, whose pre-COVID-19 existence won’t be available to them post-pandemic, the only choice is to look for a new way. These people are being forced to re-evaluate many of their life’s choices.

Many may see their choices within the fixed horizon of Dream Chasing. Others may see this as a chance to expand their horizon and do things differently.

Yet for many others, they’re waiting for “them” to give permission to start the chase all over again.

And where will that get us this time around?

Catch you soon,


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