Does the Covid-19 economy make us choose between having a job and kids?

I’d been thinking about this choice for a while. Then I came across this New York Times article by Deb Perlman.

Here’s its tagline -

Our struggle is not an emotional concern. We are not burned out. We are being crushed by an economy that has bafflingly declared working parents inessential.

The author’s writing from a perspective of “significant privilege”. Nevertheless, I feel the struggle is real.

It’s even more extreme for those who don’t enjoy the author’s degree of privilege.

I’d go a step farther though. I’d agree the Covid-19 crisis is forcing parents to make this choice now more than every.

Yet to me, the virus is exposing an existing weakness in our capitalistic society, rather than introducing a new weakness.

The article also sparked me to write Chasing the Dream with a Family.

What do you think?

How is this decision affecting you and your family?